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Its YOUR say!

Well now, I'm taking a little poll. I'd like to know who, according to you, is *the* most roguish of all these characters. You can be as biased as you want -- cause thats what I want to know! If you think there's someone I'm missing from here, please let me know in an email or in my guestbook If you let me know in my guestbook (as there is a question in it that asks you), you can vote as many times as you sign! I count every vote -- even if the same person votes more than once. (Ditto if you email me!)

Okay, here's the lineup so far: (you can click on any high-lighted image to see a bigger picture -- a window will pop up)


From Left to Right

You can click any of these links to see pictures of that character from the movie -- a window will pop up.

Madmartigan (from Willow)
Han Solo (from Star Wars)
Maverick (from Maverick)
Indiana Jones (from... I'm sure you know!)
Mad Max (from, go figure! Mad Max!)
Maverick (from Top Gun)
James Bond (from hmn... I wonder...)

To let me know which one you'd choose, please either email me, or remember your choice and add it in when you sign my guestbook (I've added this question into my guestbook anyway!)

Poll Results as of March 1rst, 2000!

Madmartigan: 5
Han Solo: 9
Maverick (Maverick): 3
Indiana Jones: 5
Mad Max: 6
Maverick (Top Gun): 2
James Bond: 11

Ah! Things are getting interesting! Okay! James Bond is now officialy in first place. Close behind in second is Han Solo, and in third is Mad Max. Nipping at his heels are, of course, Indy and Madmartigan who are tied. Very interesting. We still need more votes though! Come on, get on it! :) I *know* you can do it! Be true to your favorite! ;)

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Vote Vote Vote! :)